Xbox + Bethesda Showcase Announced For June 12

Xbox + Bethesda Showcase Announced For June 12

There is no E3 this year, but Microsoft and Bethesda are holding their own event.

xQc reacts to Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase | June 12, 2022

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“If in life, you always show up, and you get a participation ticket every day and what you do, at some point, you’ll get the juice. Even if you show up and you don’t get it, 100 times in a row maybe at some point you’ll get it. But if you have no names in the hat, how can you expect to be drawn from the hat? You can’t. Every day, you gotta put your name in it. At some point, it goes juicer mode. You just gotta believe. You gotta believe in yourself and what you do.” – Mr. Cow


Why is the audio muted?
Twitch mutes sections of the VODs due to DMCA.

Why is chat delayed?
XQC’s stream dropped frames. Twitch’s API doesn’t adjust the chat messages based on stream lag.

Will I upload …?


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Нам показали Starfield / Итоги Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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Нам показали Starfield / Итоги Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

00:00 — Скетч
00:56 — Игры для Xbox в 2022 году
02:11 — Игра от создателя Fallout New Vegas. Pentiment
04:50 — Persona 5 выйдет на Xbox и ПК
06:41 — Трейлер A Plague Tale Requiem
07:44 — Соглашение с Riot Games
09:32 — Условно-бесплатный Overwatch 2
11:52 — Naraka Bladepoint в Game Pass
12:29 — Огромные планы на 2023 год
13:30 — Нам показали Redfall
15:21 — Великолепная Forza Motorsport
19:51 — Wo Long Fallen Dynasty от Team Ninja
21:35 — Явление Кодзимы
23:45 — Minecraft Legends
24:10 — Diablo 4 уже скоро
28:15 — Успех Hollow Knight Silksong
29:49 — Нам показали Starfield
35:04 — Вертикальный срез
37:34 — Отменяем предзаказы на Starfield
39:48 — Джокер Microsoft
44:41 — Белорусы спасут Microsoft

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10 BIGGEST REVEALS of Xbox Showcase 2022

The 2022 Xbox Bethesda game showcase brought us new release dates, reveals, and lots of gameplay. Let’s talk about Starfield, Diablo 4, and more.
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00:00 Intro
0:26 Forza Motorsport
2:24 High On Life
3:48 Ark 2
4:36 Redfall
6:21 Minecraft Legends
7:41 Ereban: Shadow Legacy
8:45 Diablo 4
10:22 Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
10:54 Starfield
12:29 BONUS