Ziggurat Review

Ziggurat Review

Ziggurat is a short but fast-paced roguelike shooter with only a few minor hang-ups.

Ziggurat(Обзор игры)

Ziggurat- FPS, но с уклоном в магию, и генерацией комнат как в The binding of isaac и Enter The Gungeon.

Зиккурат – много лет спустя! [Обзор рогалика]

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Now that we have Ziggurat 2, how does the first hold up?
I also kinda apologize for the quality of this video lol I wish I did better.

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Original Video Creation: 11/3/20
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Обзор: Зиккурат (PlayStation 4 и Xbox One)

Defunct Games reviews Ziggurat, a first-person roguelike that is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Ziggurat is yet another fun first-person roguelike for the PlayStation 4. Inspired by games like Hexen and Heretic, this is a fantasy-themed action game where players fight murderous mushrooms, killer carrots and slime monsters. While fun, the action quickly becomes repetitive and the levels aren’t as diverse as similar games.