Call Of Duty Developers At Raven Software End Strike After More Than A Month, As Dev Reorganizes

Call Of Duty Developers At Raven Software End Strike After More Than A Month, As Dev Reorganizes

A crowdfunding effort to support the striking developers raised more than $370,000.

How Activision Blizzard’s first labor union may form | Raven Software, The Game Workers Alliance

Raven Software, an Activision Blizzard-owned game studio, is attempting to unionize after sending a formal request to Activision Blizzard management to honor and acknowledge their union. They’re calling it “The Game Workers Alliance” with the hopes that several more Activision Blizzard-owned companies will follow suit and join. The Washington Post’s video game reporter Shannon Liao discuss how we got here, if Microsoft affects things and what happens next.

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FaZe Swagg Interviews a Warzone Employee!

FaZe Swagg Interviews Warzone Developers about Warzone 2, Console FOV, New Updates, Map Changes and MORE coming soon to Call of Duty Warzone Battle Royale!

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Raven Software: A Forgotten FPS Founder

From being down the street from id Software to working on the Call of Duty franchise, Raven Software has been a constant powerhouse in the FPS realm. We take a look at their legacy as creators of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Jedi Outcast, and Jedi Academy, the tragedy of Singularity and their early days developing Black Crypt, Hexen and Heretic on the Amiga and DOS. Ready for a challenge? Join the Krunker io community at

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